Monday, October 12, 2020

Animal Explorers: Primates


Hey everybody! Welcome to this meeting of Animal Explorers! I'm Ms. Meghan, and for fifteen years I was an animal keeper at different zoos.  Now that I'm here at the Galesburg Public Library, we're going to explore the animal kingdom together! Each month you can pick up a Animal Explorers kit and become an expert on a new animal! Then you can come and talk about it at our club meeting.

This month we're going to prattle about primates. World Lemur Day is on October 30, and we're teaming up with Lemur Conservation Network to learn, share, and act to save primates together. Which species did you become an expert in? What's one thing you learned about your primate? Which primate species is your favorite? Tell the club in the comments below.  



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